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Kidneys control the amount of phosphate in your body and phosphorous urine measures the level of phosphate in urine.

What is phosphorus urine?

Phosphorus is very important for the bones. Muscles and nerves need phosphorus too. Phosphorus is found in the form of phosphate in the body. The phosphorus urine test measures the amount of phosphate in urine over a twenty-four hour period.

Why is phosphorus urine suggested?

Your doctor will ask you to get a phosphorus urine test for

  • Kidney problems.
  • Recurring kidney stones.
  • Uncommon calcium levels as both calcium and phosphorus levels are related.

How is the phosphorus urine test performed?

The phosphorus urine test involves the following steps:

  • The doctor gives you a container to collect urine over twenty-four hours.
  • Urinate normally once in the morning.
  • From then onward, you will need to collect your urine in the given container.
  • Store the container in the refrigerator.
  • The next morning you will need to collect one last sample of urine before you give it for analysis.

This is how a phosphorus urine test is performed.

What are the parameters measured in phosphorus urine?

The amount of phosphorus is measured in the urine collected over a twenty-four hour period in the phosphorus urine test.

Preparation before performing phosphorus urine

There is no special preparation necessary for a phosphorus urine test. Just ensure that you follow all the doctor’s instructions carefully while collecting the urine sample.

Post-care after phosphorus urine

There is no post-care necessary after the phosphorus urine test.

Sample types in the phosphorus urine test

A urine sample is needed in a phosphorus urine test.

Side effects/risks of phosphorus urine

There is no known risk in having a phosphorus urine test performed.

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