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Overview Brief

Phencyclidine is a dissociative substance of abuse which can cause unpredictable behavior in individuals under its influence. This hallucinogenic substance is also popularly called angel dust or angel hair.

What Is Phencyclidine Test?

Phencyclidine test is performed to establish substance abuse involving phencyclidine in its various forms.

Phencyclidine was initially used as an intravenous anesthetic but was discontinued later due to its adverse effects on patients. People using Phencyclidine recreationally as a psychedelic substance may exhibit strange behavior, increased pulse, and heart rate, heightened blood pressure and temperature, possible mood, and perception alteration, paranoia, panic, anxiety, nausea, tremors, and suicidal urge. This compound affects a range of neural pathways in the brain and interacts with various sensory receptors leading to bizarre behavior in its users.

Phencyclidine traces can be found in blood samples and is usually excreted in urine.

Why Is Phencyclidine Test Suggested?

Phencyclidine test is used to screen individuals for phencyclidine substance abuse.

How Is Phencyclidine Test Performed?

Phencyclidine test is performed by collecting a representative urine or blood sample from Phencyclidine substance abusers and analyzing it by gas chromatography or mass spectrometry for the presence of phencyclidine traces.

What Are The Parameters Measured In Phencyclidine Test?

The phencyclidine test is considered positive if the phencyclidine concentration is greater than 10 ng/mL in the sample. 

Preparation Before Performing Phencyclidine Test

No preparation is required before a phencyclidine test.

Post-Care After Phencyclidine Test

No post-care is necessary after phencyclidine test.

Sample Types In Phencyclidine Test

Either urine or blood samples are required to perform the phencyclidine test.

Side Effects/Risks Of Phencyclidine Test

There are no side effects or risks associated with a phencyclidine test.

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