Peripheral Smear Examination

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In a Peripheral Smear Examination, a drop of blood is spread like a film onto a glass slide. This fine film is then observed under a microscope for abnormalities.

What Is Peripheral Smear Examination?

A blood smear is a snapshot of the cells that are present in the patient’s blood sample.

A Peripheral Blood Smear Examination involves spreading a drop of blood thinly onto a glass slide. This is then treated with a special stain and studied under a microscope to examine the blood cells. It is used to examine red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets in the blood.

The number and appearance of blood cells can be studied using a smear test. This can reveal a variety of blood-related diseases and conditions.

Why is Peripheral Smear Examination suggested?

A peripheral smear blood test is used for

  • Determining the relative percentages of the different components of blood.
  • Helping detect, diagnose, and monitor blood-related conditions.
  • Studying morphology of blood cells.
  • Supporting other blood tests.

How Is Peripheral Smear Examination performed?

A blood sample for peripheral smear examination is drawn from

  • A vein in the arm.
  • A finger prick.
  • A heel prick for infants.

Samples are collected as advised by the doctor.

What are the Parameters Measured in Peripheral Smear Examination?

Peripheral Smear Examination is used to compare the WBC differential, evaluate RBC morphology, and estimate the number of platelets in the blood.            

Preparation before Performing a Peripheral Smear Examination

No special preparation is necessary before a blood smear test.


Post-Care After Peripheral Smear Examination

No post-care is required for a blood smear test.

Sample Types in Peripheral Smear Examination

A small blood sample is needed.

Side Effects/Risks of Peripheral Smear Examination

There is very little risk involved in collecting blood samples; however, extracting blood samples from minors may be more difficult.

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