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The Torch 4 (IgG) test is performed in order to detect infections or antibodies that might be present in pregnant women.

What is the TORCH 4 Panel test?

The Torch 4 (IgG) test is used to detect perinatal infections that can prove to be harmful for newborns if they are not detected on time.

Why is the Torch 4 Panel (IgG) test suggested?

The Torch 4 Panel (IgG) is a routine test carried out on pregnant women to ensure the safety of their newborn children. Specific antibodies reflect particular cases:

  • The presence of IgG antibodies shows that an infection has occurred in the recent past and the patient is no longer ill.
  • The presence of IgM antibodies is present when a patient has an infection.

How is the Torch 4 Panel (IgG) test performed?

A blood sample is extracted from a vein by a heel stick for infants. The puncture region is sanitized with an antiseptic solution before the procedure. A bandage is applied after its completion to control bleeding.

What are the parameters of the Torch 4 Panel (IgG) test?

The Torch 4 Panel (IgG) measures the presence of IgG antibodies.

Preparation required before the Torch 4 Panel (IgG) test

No specific preparation is required before the test is completed. The patient should inform the doctor about their medical history, allergies, and recent illnesses.

Post-care after the Torch 4 Panel (IgG) test

The patient should rest and hydrate themselves after the test.

Sample types

A blood test is required in the Torch 4 Panel test.

Side effects of the Torch 4 Panel (IgG) test

Usually, there are no risks involved in performing the TORCH 4 Panel test.

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