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Thyroid Profile Free

Brief Overview

Thyroid Profile Free is a test that helps to evaluate functions of thyroid glands. It is one of the various tests done to check the work of thyroids.

What is Thyroid Profile Free?

Thyroid profile Free is a test done through blood samples to determine the functions of thyroid

The test is particularly for people suffering from hyperthyroidism. It is one of the major hormones produced in the thyroid glands. Other hormones produced in the thyroid gland is thyroxine. All the remaining hormones are free or unattached.

This test of Thyroid free require blood samples for the test.

Why is Thyroid Free suggested?

Thyroid free is suggested to

  • Determine the functions of thyroid glands.
  • People with hyperthyroidism.
  • Find out causes of thyroid.
  • Monitor effectiveness of treatment.

How is Thyroid Free performed?

The test of Thyroid free is done through the following steps:

  • A tight rubber band will be placed on your arm.
  • A needle will be pricked in your vein and blood will be drawn out.
  • The blood will then be transferred to another tube.

This test of Thyroid free does not take much time.

What are the parameters used in Thyroid Free?

The normal range for Thyroid Free is between 0.7-1.9 ng/dL

Preparation before performing Thyroid free

You do not need to prepare anything before the test of Thyroid free.

Post Care after Thyroid free

After the injection, you might follow these steps to reduce pain:

  • Apply Ice.
  • Take some painkillers.

Sample types in Thyroid Free

The test of Thyroid Free  requires only blood samples.

Side effects/risks of Thyroid Free

The risks involved with the injection of thyroid free include:

  • Pain or swell in the arm.
  • Fainting
  • Multiple punctures.

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