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What is Sugargene?1

Sugargene is a genomic test which studies a person’s DNA and predicts the genetic risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. It is a personalized test offered by Mapmygenome, which is a molecular diagnostics company.

Why is Sugargene suggested?

The test is primarily used to predict the risk a person has of developing Type 2 diabetes based on DNA. It also provides risk factors, complications, treatment and drug responses.

This test is followed with personalized genetic counselling based on health history, family history, current medical conditions and lifestyle to assess and mitigate your risks of suffering from diabetes. Counselling is also provided for weight management, personalized diet planning, lifestyle management, obesity and BMI.

How is Sugargene performed?123

It is a non-invasive test. You have to purchase the Sugargene test kit.

Place the sponge provided in your mouth and rub lower gums 10 times back and forth. Repeat the process on the opposite side of the mouth. In the tube provided, place the sponge and close it tightly. Invert the tube and shake it vigorously. Place the tube in the carton box provided and ship it to Mapmygenome company, which will then store and analyse your sample, prepare the report and contact you for counselling.

Alternatively, you can purchase the test from any healthcare practitioner and submit your sample to them for analysis and counselling.

What are the parameters measured in Sugargene?1

The test predicts your chances of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Preparation before performing Sugargene 1

Inform your doctor if you are on any medication or facing any medical conditions. Your doctor will give you specific instructions depending on your condition.

Post-care after Sugargene 2

There is no post care required. After submitting the sample, you have to wait for the reports.

Sample types in Sugargene 2


Side effects/risks of Sugargene2

There are no side effects or risks of the test.

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