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SCL-70 Antibody, Serum

Overview Brief

SCL-70 Antibody, Serum is helpful to identify scleroderma in people. [1]

What is SCL-70 Antibody, Serum?

SCL-70 antibody serum helps to diagnose scleroderma. Scleroderma is a disorder of the connective tissues in which the skin hardens and tightens. In this disorder, the degeneration of the tissues occur in the body [2]. The SCL-70 antibody test shows positive results for antinuclear antibodies [1].

Why is SCL-70 Antibody, Serum suggested?

SCL-70 antibody comes handy for the following reasons.

  • Keeping a check on the patient’s recovery from scleroderma.
  • Diagnosing the possibility of scleroderma in the body.
  • If a person suffers from skin tightening around fingers.

How is SCL-70 Antibody, Serum performed?

SCL-70 antibody test is easy to perform.

  • The lab assistant takes the blood sample of the patient.
  • The sample is stored in the lab under cold conditions.
  • The lab assistant performs tests on the sample to diagnose the presence of antibodies.

The test is very efficient to diagnose SCL-70 antibodies.

What are the Parameters Measured in SCL-70 Antibody, Serum?

The test identifies the presence of the SCL-70 antibodies in the blood.

Preparation before Performing SCL-70 Antibody, Serum

To ensure the efficacy of the SCL-70 antibody test, prior preparation that are necessary include:

  • Avoid certain medicine intakes before the test.
  • No other preparation is necessary.

Post care after SCL-70 Antibody, Serum

After the SCL-70 antibody test, the patients need to follow the below steps.

  • Follow the instruction given by the doctor for proper care after the diagnosis.

Sample Types in SCL-70 Antibody Test

Sample types for the test are:

  • Blood sample.

Side Effects/Risks of SCL-70 Antibody, Serum

The side effects and risks posed by SCL-70 antibody test are:

  • Bruising due after the blood is withdrawn.
  • Clotting under the skin.
  • No other serious risks associated.

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