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Rota Virus Antigen


The Rotavirus Antigen test procedure involves the measure of Rotavirus Antigen in the body using the stool or blood test.

What is Rotavirus Antigen?

Rotavirus Antigen are the pathogens that cause diarrhoeal diseases in young children and adults. It involves many symptoms like abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever.

Why is Rotavirus Antigen suggested?

The Rotavirus Antigen test is suggested after the symptoms of the Rotavirus pathogen such as fever, vomiting, and diarrhea for a continuous of 3-8 days, and severe abdominal pain.

In some healthy adults, the symptoms may be mild or none at all.

It is also suggested for the people who haven’t had the precaution vaccine for the Rotavirus.

How is Rotavirus Antigen performed?

A stool test is performed to measure the Rotavirus Antigen level in the feces.

The procedure for performing the test is as follows:

  • The stool sample is collected.
  • A test is performed to know the content of Rotavirus in the stool.

There are 2 vaccines present to prevent the Rotavirus Antigen:

  • RotaTex- given to infants in small doses and not suggested to older children, or adults.
  • Rotarix- given to infants during their 2nd and 4th month.

What are the parameters measured in Rotavirus Antigen?

The parameters measured in the Rotavirus Antigen test is the presence of the Rotavirus Antigen in the stool.

Preparation before performing Rotavirus Antigen:

There are no special preparations needed before performing the Rotavirus Antigen test.

Although the patient needs to inform the doctor about any ongoing medications or treatments the patient is undergoing.

Post-care after Rotavirus Antigen:

There are no post care measures as such after performing the Rotavirus Antigen test.

Sample types in Rotavirus Antigen:

The  Rotavirus Antigen test may be an indication of viral gastroenteritis.

Side effects/risks of Rotavirus Antigen:

There are no side effects after performing the Rotavirus Antigen test.

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