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LH and FSH: How are They Important?

Luteinizing hormone and the Follicle stimulating hormone play an important role in maintaining the fertility of the woman and abnormal levels of these hormones indicate pituitary disorders in men.

What is LH and FSH test?

LH and FSH test measures the levels of these hormones in the blood of the patient.

  • The LH levels vary through out the different ages o a woman.
  • Taking the test can indicate of the person is suffering from a pituitary disease.

LH and FSH tests are important in keeping the menstrual cycle and the puberty factor intact.

Why is LH and FSH test suggested?

LH and FSH test is suggested for the following:

  • Difficulty in conceiving.
  • Irregular menstrual cycle.
  • Delayed or advanced puberty.

These are the cases where the LH and FSH test is suggested apart from the pituitary disorder..

How is LH and FSH test performed?

LH and FSH test is performed as follows:

  • The patient is called at the pathology center and the blood is colllected in the ocnventional way.
  • The blood sample is collected from the arm of the patient, into a tube.

It is then sent to lab for testing.

What are the parameters measured in LH and FSH test?

Parameters measured in LH and FSH test are:

  • Luteinizing hormone
  • Follicle stimulating hormone

Preparation before performing LH and FSH test

Preparation for LH and FSH test is as follows:

  • Women need to stop taking any birth control pills.
  • Patients are asked to avoid certain medications.
  • Fasting period of upto 8 hours may be recommended in some cases.

Post-care after LH and FSH test

Post-care for LH and FSH test is:

  • Phlebitis, a rare condition which causes the vein to swell fater the blood is drawn should be taken care of. In case of increased discomfort, the doctor should be notified.

Sample types in LH and FSH test

Sample types in LH and FSH test:

  • Blood sample.

Side effects/risks of LH and FSH test

Side effects of LH and FSH test are:

  • Infection or inflammation of the vein.
  • Soreness on skin.

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