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Histone Antibody

Overview brief

Histone Antibody test is used to determine the presence of lupus and other forms of autoimmune disorder.

What is Histone Antibody?

Histone Antibody is a type of test used to determine the autoimmune disorder occurring in a person’s body. Histone Antibody are antibodies produced by the human’s own immune system that act against their own tissues attacking them. (1)

Why is Histone Antibody suggested?

Histone Antibody is suggested when a patient has the following symptoms,

  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle pain.
  • Anaemia
  • Chest pains.

How is Histone Antibody test performed?

The  Histone Antibody Test is performed by,

  • The blood samples are collected and tested in the lab. (1)
  • The injection site cleaned with antiseptic lotion and a cord is tied around the arm for proper vein detection.

Histone Antibody tests provide accurate results.

What are the parameters measured in Histone Antibody?

The parameters measured in Histone Antibody  are,

  • The blood testing is done to detect the presence histone antibodies level in the blood.

The Histone Antibody parameters provide accurate and proper detection of the autoimmune disorders.

Preparation before performing Histone Antibody

Before the Histone Antibody test the patients should,

  • Inform the doctor about previous medical conditions.
  • Prevent taking medications before test.


Post-care after Histone Antibody

Post-care after Histone Antibody testing is,

  • Patient can leave the hospital immediately after the blood test.
  • No post care required.


Side effects of Histone Antibody test

Common Side effects of Histone Antibody tests are,

  • There are no known side effects except for a small bruise in the puncture site which is normal occurrence.

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