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Overview brief

Factor-V is a type of test conducted to determine the presence of Haemophilia A, B, and C in a patient.

What is Factor-V?

Factor-V is a test conducted to determine the presence of Haemophilia, a rare blood clotting disorder in a patient. Factor-V test can be used to determine the factor responsible for the occurrence of Haemophilia in a patient. The Factor-V is one of the co-factors responsible for blood clotting. (1)

Why is Factor-V suggested?

Factor-V is suggested when a patient is presented with the following symptoms, 

  • Delayed blood clotting in a wound.
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding.
  • Prolonged menstrual bleeding.
  • Intracranial bleeding in the newborn after birth.
  • Gum bleeding after brushing for a long period of time.

How is Factor-V test performed?

The  Factor-V Test is performed by,

  • The blood samples are collected from the patient through their veins. (1)

Factor-V tests provide perfect results.

What are the parameters measured in Factor-V?

The parameters measured in Factor-V  are,

  • Coagulation parameters are measured to determine the rate of blood clotting.
  • The test along with other types of factor tests will determine the reason for the occurrence of Haemophilia for proper diagnosis.

Preparation before performing Factor-V

Before the Factor-V test the patients should,

  • Inform about the previous medical history and genetic disorders in the family to the doctors.
  • The disorder is also genetical.

Post-care after Factor-V

Post-care after Factor-V testing is,

  • The patient can leave the lab immediately after testing.

Sample types in Factor-V

The sample types in Factor-V are,

  • Blood samples.


Side effects of Factor-V test

Common Side effects of Factor-V tests are,

  • The blood test might cause some pain while puncturing.
  • Proper precautions are taken while testing since the patient has a bleeding problem.

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