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Dengue Antibody IgG


The Dengue Antibody IgG test is used to check whether a person has been infected by the dengue virus. It is a widely spread disease spread by mosquitoes. It sometimes tends to be severe and can kill a person.

What is Dengue Antibody IgG?

Dengue Antibody IgG(Immunoglobulin G) is used to check if a person has been recently bitten by mosquitoes that spread the dengue virus. It is spread by Aedes aegypti. The mosquito becomes infected when it consumes the blood of a person infected by the virus.

Why is Dengue Antibody IgG suggested?

The Dengue Antibody IgG test is suggested if a person is bitten by a mosquito. Its symptoms are

  • Pain in the abdomen, bones, and muscles.
  • Fever and loss of appetite.
  • Skin rashes and red spots.
  • Easy bruising and

How is the Dengue Antibody IgG performed?

The Dengue Antibody IgG test is performed by blood samples that are taken and tested in a lab to check whether the person infected.

What parameters are measured in Dengue Antibody IgG?

These parameters that are measured in Dengue Antibody IgG are as follows:

  • If there is a reaction while performing the test with the blood sample, it may mean that the person is infected.
  • The numbers of WBCs are also calculated.

Preparation before Dengue Antibody IgG

There is no need for special preparation for the Dengue Antibody IgG test. The following steps should be followed:

  • If the doctor recommends eating nothing, then nothing should be consumed.
  • The doctor may recommend the consumption of glucose and juice.

Post-care after Dengue Antibody IgG

After treatment, the patient should

  • Keep himself safe from mosquitoes.
  • Take regular medication as suggested by the doctor.
  • Take some rest and drink plenty of water.

Sample types in Dengue Antibody IgG

A blood sample may be required.

Side effects/risks of Dengue Antibody IgG

There are no side effects of the Dengue Antibody IgG test. However, the following issues may crop up:

  • Drawing blood may be painful.
  • The person may get lightheaded or faint.

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