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Bence Jones Protein

Bence Jones Protein is a urine test in which the sample of urine is investigated for cancer.

What is Bence Jones Protein?

Bence Jones Protein is a type of protein which when detected in a urine sample, can point to malignant lymphoma.

  • It is a lymphatic system problem.
  • The plasma cells get affected in this case and it is a type of blood cancer.
  • It is responsible for problems like anemia, leukopenia.

Bence Jones Protein test is also done to detect swellings in legs.

Why is Bence Jones Protein suggested?

Bence Jones is suggested in the following cases:

  • To detect high blood calcium.
  • Detect infections.
  • Detect problems related to the nervous system.

How is Bence Jones Protein performed?

Bence Jones Protein is performed as follows:

  • The patient needs to keep collecting his urine in a container for about 24 hours.
  • Only, the first sample of the morning is to be discarded.
  • Next, all samples are to be collected for 24 hours by noting the time.
  • Alternatively, UPEP can be done for which a 24-hour sample is not required.

What are the parameters measured in Bence Jones Protein?

The parameters measured in Bence Jones Protein are:

  • Proteins in urine: If found, they may indicate malignancy or tumor.

Preparation before performing Bence Jones Protein

Preparation for Bence Jones Protein is:

  • Without much preparation, the patient can undergo the test.
  • He can inform the doctor about his existing medication and supplement schedule.

Post-care after Bence Jones Protein

Post-care after Bence Jones Protein is:

The patient can consult the doctor for any discomfort.

Sample types in Bence Jones Protein

Sample types in Bence Jones Protein are:


Side effects/risks of Bence Jones Protein

There is no side effect or risk of Bence Jones Protein.

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