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Alcohol Screen Blood

Alcohol Screen Blood

Alcohol blood screening is used to test the level of alcohol in one’s blood/body. However, there are other ways too which do not require blood samples.

What is Alcohol blood screening?

Alcohol blood screening can be understood as a blood test to check the level of alcohol in the same. The result obtained is known as blood alcohol concentration(BAC). The higher the BAC, the higher is the level of alcohol in the system.

Why is it suggested?

There are two possible reasons for this test– Legal and Medical

  • Legal reasons include instances of drink and drive when the person refuses to take the breath alcohol test.
  • Sometimes the test is done at the workplace as well during random drug checks.
  • Even life insurance companies ask for it when applying for insurance.
  • Medical reasons include when you come to the hospital passed out the doctors might ask you to take the test.

How is it performed?

The lab technician will take the blood sample from a vein in your arm, using a small needle which will be collected in a test tube or vial. The sample then goes for testing.

What are the parameters measured?

The test measures the BAC of the blood. As the BAC rises alcohol affects you more depending on age, sex, and gender.

No specific preparation needed but the test should be done 6-12 hours after last drink.

Post care after BAS

If the level of alcohol in the system is high, the person needs to cut down on alcohol intake. Your drinking limit should be in accordance with your age, sex, weight, appetite etc.

The sample types may be:-

  • Sober- 0.0% BAC
  • Legally intoxicated- 0.08% BAC
  • Very impaired- 0.08–0.40% BAC. Difficulty in walking and speaking.
  • At risk for serious complication- Above 0.40% BAC. At risk for coma or death.

No specific side effects.

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