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Overview Brief

An Oxalate test is done to check the high level of the chemical oxalate in urine.

What is Oxalate test?

An Oxalate test is done to check levels of oxalate which is a natural end product of metabolism of the body.

The Oxalate is formed when it combines with the calcium in the urine resulting in kidney stones.

Why is Oxalate test suggested?

The Oxalate test is suggested if oxalate levels are too high that results in kidney stones.

The test results make a recommendation on treatment, medication or surgery. The Oxalate test may also be suggested to find out how the limiting amount of oxalate in your food is working.

Repeat Oxalate test if the patient is getting kidney stones often.

How is Oxalate test performed?

The Oxalate test needs:

  • a 24-hour urine sample.
  • After collecting the sample it needs to be given to the laboratory for testing.

What are the parameters measured in Oxalate test?

The Oxalate test is done to check the oxalic acid in the blood cells.  Normal levels are measured between 25 to 45 mg/day

Preparation before Oxalate test 

For an Oxalate test, the patient must collect urine for 24 hours. Keeping a note of the time the bladder needs to be completely emptied first in the morning. Then collect the urine every time you go to the bathroom over the next 24 hours.

Before an Oxalate test, avoid eating any foods or liquids which are rich in vitamin-C for a period of 24 to 48 hours before the urine sample is collected.

Post-care after Oxalate test 

After an Oxalate test, the patient can return back to normal daily routine unless rest or further tests are advised if the symptoms showing signs of the patient already having a kidney stone.

Sample types in Oxalate test 

For an Oxalate test urine samples are collected over a period of 24 to 48 hours.

Side effects/risks after Oxalate test 

After an Oxalate test, there are known side effects as only urine samples are collected by the patient itself.

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