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Overview Brief

Osmolality – Serum is a test that measures the amount of chemicals dissolved in the liquid part (serum) of the blood.

What is Osmolality – Serum?

Osmolality – Serum test is done to check the level of chemicals like sodium, chloride, bicarbonate, proteins, and sugar that affect serum osmolality. The level of these chemicals depends upon low consumption or over-consumption of water.

Why is Osmolality – Serum suggested?

Osmolality – Serum test is performed to check the balance between the water and the chemicals in your blood.

  • If to find out if you have severe dehydration or overhydration.

How is Osmolality – Serum performed?

The Osmolality – Serum test is done by a health professional.

  • The health care professional will take a sample of your blood.
  • A needle will be inserted into the vein.
  • In some cases, the health professional might tell you to pass urine into a container.
  • The samples are then sent to a lab for further testing.

Sometimes a urine sample may also be taken during an Osmolality – Serum test.

What are the parameters measured in Osmolality – Serum?

In Osmolality – Serum blood test, osmolality – serum is measured in milliosmoles per kilogram of water.

Preparation before performing Osmolality – Serum

Before an Osmolality – Serum test be sure to tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, as it can change the results of this test.

Post-care after Osmolality – Serum

After an Osmolality – Serum test the patient can return to their daily routine.

Sample types in Osmolality – Serum

For an Osmolality – Serum test either:

  • Blood samples are taken.
  • Urine samples are collected.
  • In some cases, both may be taken.

Side effects/risks of Osmolality – Serum

After an Osmolality – Serum test there is very little chance of a problem, as only a blood sample is taken from a vein.

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