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NT-Pro BNP is a non-active pro-hormone that is released from a similar molecule that produces BNP.

What is NT-Pro BNP?

Both NT-Pro BNP and BNP are released in response to the differences of pressure inside the heart. These differences can be related to cardiac problems and heart failure.

The levels of these hormones go up when heart failure develops and goes down when heart failure is stabilized. In most cases, NT-Pro BNP and BNP levels are much higher in patients with heart failure than normal heart function.

The test for NT-Pro BNP is performed to estimate its level in the blood to evaluate and detect heart failure.

Why is NT-Pro BNP suggested?

NT-Pro BNP is suggested when there are symptoms of heart failure such as:

  • Fatigue or shortness of breath.
  • Ongoing treatment for congestive heart failure.

How is NT-Pro BNP performed?

The NT-Pro BNP blood test is performed in the following steps:

  • The arm will be wiped to remove any infection.
  • The arm will be wrapped with a band.
  • A needle will then be injected in the vein, and the required quantity of blood will be extracted.

What are the parameters measured in NT-Pro BNP?

In the NT-Pro BNP blood test, nt-pro-bnp is measured in picograms per milliliter.

Preparation before performing NT-Pro BNP

There is no special preparation required before the NT-Pro BNP test. The patient needs to discuss their currently prescribed medication with the doctor.

Post-care after NT-Pro BNP

There are no specific post-care instructions after NT-Pro BNP.

Sample types in NT-Pro BNP

The NT-Pro BNP test includes the following samples:

  • Undiluted body fluids.
  • Blood samples.

Side effects/risks of NT-Pro BNP

After the NT-Pro BNP blood test, the most common risks that can occur include:

  • Bleeding or swelling in the injected area.
  • Lightheadedness or faintness.

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