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Overview Brief

NCV Lower Limbs test is also known as nerve conduction studies. It is done to examine the nerves and muscles in the legs.  (1)

What is NCV Lower Limbs Test?

NCV Lower Limbs is a diagnostic test performed to measure the speed of electrical signals in the peripheral nerves. NCV Lower Limbs is conducted when there are problems with nerve supply of the foot and leg. It is done to diagnose a number of neuromuscular disorders such as Tarsal Tunnel syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, nerve palsy, paralysis and radiculopathy.  (1)

How is NCV Lower Limbs Test Performed?

NCV Lower Limbs is a painless procedure.

  • Patient has to lie down on an examination bed.
  • Pair of electrodes are attached on each nerve.
  • One electrode generates stimulation through mild electric shock and other records the stimulation.
  • The time between stimulation and response is recorded to evaluate the health of the peripheral nerves.

The NCV Lower Limbs test may take anywhere between 30 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on the number of nerves to be studied.

Side-effects of NCV Lower Limbs Test

NCV Lower Limbs is a relatively safe test.

  • Proper care is necessary before conducting NCV Lower Limbs on patients with pacemakers and heart defibrillators.
  • Severe pain and high body temperature before the test may affect the results.

Preparation before Performing NCV Lower Limbs Test

NCV Lower Limbs is a quick and effective test.

  • Inform the doctor, if you have any implants.
  • Inform the doctor about health complications, allergies and medical history.
  • Have a bath for hygiene reasons but do not use oils or moisturizers on the skin.

Post-care after NCV Lower Limbs Test

NCV Lower Limbs does not require any care after the test.

  • Patients are sent home after NCV Lower Limbs.

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