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Overview Brief

NCCT Whole Abdomen is the CT scan of the abdominal cavity without using contrast.

What is NCCT Whole Abdomen Scan?

NCCT Whole Abdomen scan uses x-rays and computer software to produce clear images of the internal structure of the abdominal cavity. NCCT Whole Abdomen is useful in the diagnosis of abdominal pain, kidney stones, infections such as appendicitis, intestinal inflammation, and obstructions in the intestines.  (1)

How is NCCT Whole Abdomen Performed?

NCCT Whole Abdomen does not require an injection or other painful methods.

  • Patient has to lie down on the CT examination table. Pillows and straps are used to help the patient to stay in the correct position during the scan.
  • The table slides inside the CT scanner, where multiple cross-sectional images of the abdominal cavity are produced.

The entire process of NCCT Whole Abdomen can take approximately 15 to 30 minutes.

Side-effects of NCCT Whole Abdomen Scan

NCCT Whole Abdomen scan uses x-rays to generate images.

  • Ionizing radiation may alter DNA and cause cancer.
  • Pregnant women should not be exposed to radiation.
  • Patients have to lie still during NCCT Whole Abdomen scan, which causes discomfort.

Preparation before NCCT Whole Abdomen

NCCT Whole Abdomen is a quick and painless test.

  • Preschedule the NCCT whole Abdomen scan and reach on time.
  • Women should inform the doctor if they are pregnant.
  • Inform the doctor about allergies and other medical issues.
  • You may have to fast for 4 hours before the test.
  • Remove jewelry and other metal items.

Post-care after NCCT Whole Abdomen Scan

NCCT Whole Abdomen scan does not require much post-care routine.

  • Patients can go home, after NCCT Whole Abdomen procedure.
  • if there are any persistent side-effects, visit your doctor.

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