NCCT Upper Abdomen

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Overview Brief

NCCT Upper Abdomen scan uses x-rays and computer software to generate clear images of the soft tissue, bones and blood vessels in the upper abdominal region.

What is NCCT Upper Abdomen Scan?

NCCT Upper Abdomen refers to NON Contrast Computed Tomography scan of the Upper Abdomen. NCCT Upper Abdomen is helpful to evaluate the different organs in the upper abdomen. It is also helpful in the detection and diagnosis of tumours, infection, inflammation, injury and internal bleeding in the upper abdominal region.  (1)

How is NCCT Upper Abdomen Performed?

NCCT Upper Abdomen is a non-invasive procedure that can be performed on outpatient basis.

  • Patient has to lie down in supine position on the CT examination table.
  • The table slides inside the CT scanner.
  • The CT scanner produces multiple images of the upper abdomen region by generating and detecting x-rays.

Patient has to lie still during the  NCCT Upper Abdomen.

Side-effects of NCCT Upper Abdomen

NCCT Upper Abdomen uses x-rays to capture images of the internal structure of the abdomen.

  • Radiation caused by x-rays is harmful and may cause cance
  • Patients may experience discomfort due to lying still throughout the NCCT Upper Abdomen procedure.

Preparation before NCCT Upper Abdomen Scan

NCCT Upper Abdomen scan is a painless and quick procedure. It does not require much preparation.

  • Inform the doctor, if you are pregnant.
  • Discuss allergies, implants and other health complications with the doctor.
  • Take food and medications as per guidelines.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes without metal chains and belts.

Post-care after NCCT Upper Abdomen

NCCT Upper Abdomen is a simple and safe process that does not require much post-care.

  • Patients can leave hospital after the scan.
  • Follow instructions of doctor to deal with any pain or discomfort after NCCT Upper Abdomen

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