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Overview Brief

NCCT SI joint has turned out to be a revolutionary technology for monitoring SI joints.

What is NCCT SI joint?

The SI joints are located between the iliac bones and the sacrum which connects spine to the hips. This joint has special impact on walking and lifting. NCCT SI joint is a screening process that is used by neuro and ortho departments to monitor and treat pain in the SI joint. (1)

How is NCCT SI joint performed?

NCCT SI joint is a simple process and is carried out in almost all reputed hospitals and test centres.

  • All the metallic elements are removed from the body of the patient.
  • The patient is taken to the screening room and is requested to lie on the screening bed.
  • The screening slides into the machine for screening.
  • The patient is requested to stay stiff at the time of screening.

Once the screening is done, the reports are handed over to the doctor. (2)

Side effects of NCCT SI joint

NCCT SI joint is considered as one of the safest teat and do not have any side effects.

  • The test uses mild radiation.
  • The patient may sometimes complain for low to mild headache. (3)

Preparations before performing NCCT SI joint

NCCT SI joint is a painless technique and do not require any preparation before the screening.

  • There should be a conversation between the doctor and the patient about the diet before the test.
  • The doctors should be informed about implants and pregnancy.

Post care after NCCT SI joint

NCCT SI joint do not demand any care or special attention after the test.

  • If the patient has consumed any relaxing medicine, they are kept under observation.
  • Patient is allowed to go home.

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