NCCT Shoulder Joint

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Overview Brief

NCCT shoulder joint is used for monitoring bones, nerves, muscles and tissues of the shoulder joint.

What is NCCT shoulder joint?

NCCT shoulder joint is an effective screening technique which finds application in the field of neuro and ortho.The reports of NCCT shoulder joint,aid in determining and treating issues related to shoulder joint such as inflammation, injury, tumours etc. (1)

How is NCCT shoulder joint performed?

NCCT shoulder joint is a painless test to examine the various parts of the shoulder joint.

  • The patient is made to lie on the screening table.
  • Screening table smoothly slides into the machine to screen the desired area.

Patient has to lie still during the NCCT Shoulder Joint test. (2)

Side effects of NCCT shoulder joint

NCCT shoulder joint is extremely safe for people of all age group.  (3)

  • Patient can experience discomfort and nausea.
  • Exposure to radiation.

Preparations before performing NCCT shoulder joint

NCCT shoulder joint do not demand any home work from the patients.

  • The doctors should be aware about the pregnancy and other health records.
  • Guidelines about medications and diet should be followed.

Post care after NCCT shoulder joint

NCCT shoulder Joint is non-invasive test.

  • The patient should be allowed to drink water and rest for a while.
  • The patient should sit in airy room and relax a bit before starting the daily routine.
  • If the patient is feeling exhausted then he or she should not be allowed to drive and should have proper meal and relax.

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