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Overview Brief

NCCT right leg is carried out to examine the functionality of the right leg. This screening is very helpful for people of old age as they face issues in walking.

What is NCCT right leg

NCCT right leg is the most commonly used method to examine muscles, bones, nerves, and fibula of the leg. NCCT right leg not only help doctors to figure out the exact issue in the leg of the patient but also allows patients to track the details of the treatment process.

How is NCCT right leg performed?

NCCT right leg is similar to multiple X-rays being performed to determine the functionality of the leg.

  • Patient has to lie on the examination table.
  • Depending on the variety of machine, a part or the entire body of the patient is slid into the machine.
  • The patient should be still at the time of screening.

NCCT Right Leg is quick and takes about half an hour.

Side effects of NCCT right leg

NCCT right leg does not pose any serious consequences.

  • Contrast material may sometimes cause slight itching and other mild reactions.
  • Kidney damage caused by contrast.

Preparations before performing NCCT Right Leg

There is no special preparation before performing NCCT right leg

  • The patient should discuss the diet before the screening.
  • The doctors should be aware of the pregnancy of the patient so that they take necessary precautions.

Post care after NCCT right leg

MRI right leg does not require any medications for post care.

  • Relax for sometime before resuming regular routine.
  • If a sedative was used, ask someone else to drive you home.

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