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Overview Brief

The  NCCT Right Forearm is a computer-based scan that uses both X-rays and a computer to develop a perfect image of Right forearm.

What is NCCT Right Forearm?

NCCT Right Forearm scan gives a clear view of various problems in the forearm region including fractures, ligament injury, swelling, sprain etc.  This latest NCCT Right Forearm scans allow the physician and radiologist to have a better understanding of the problems in the arm. This is a Non- contrast CT scan.

How is NCCT Right Forearm?

The NCCT Right Forearm is an easy procedure. The patient will be removed of all the metal objects and taken into the room to perform NCCT Right Forearm [1].

  • The patient is made to lie down on the CT table, and the scan is taken.
  • The scanner uses radiation to produce clear images of the right forearm.

After the NCCT Right Forearm scan, the radiologist will observe the images and order a rescan, if they are not clear.

Side-effects of NCCT Right Forearm 

The NCCT Right Forearm scan might cause side effects like,

  • Mild radiation exposure and risk of cancer.
  • Fatigue or mild sense of vomit due to the exposure to radiation.

Preparation before  NCCT Right Forearm

After scheduling the NCCT Right Forearm scan in advance, patients must prepare for the test.

  • Do not consume solid food and liquids 4 hours before the
  • The patient should inform about his allergies and medications.

Post-care after NCCT Right Forearm

The NCCT Right Forearm scan requires very less postcare.

  • Rest for few hours, if you feel anxious or weak.
  • Start your routine medicines and food, unless advised not to.

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