NCCT Right Femur

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Overview Brief

The NCCT Right Femur is an advanced scan to detect problems in the Femur region.

What is NCCT Right Femur?

NCCT Right Femur scan aids radiologists to have a clear view of the interiors of the femur region including the bones, muscles, blood vessels, and ligaments. This scan is used to detect the fractures, joint pain, clots, tumors, etc.. This is a non-contrast scan and the NCCT Right Femur scan blocks the x-rays and makes it easier to view the soft-tissues. (1)

How is NCCT Right Femur Performed?

The NCCT Right Femur is a pain-free test.

  • The patient is made to lie down on the CT examination table and they should lie still until the end of the scan.
  • The CT scanner uses x-rays and advanced computer technology to take pictures of the femur

Any movement during the scanning process can cause blurring of images.

Side-effects of NCCT Right Femur

NCCT Right Femur is a relatively risk-free test and does not have any serious complications.

  • Dangers of exposure to radiation.
  • Harmful effects of radiation on children and pregnant women.

Preparation before NCCT Right Femur

Patients have to schedule NCCT Right Femur scan beforehand.

  • Complete fasting for four hours before the procedure.
  • Stop water intake from at least an hour before the scan.
  • Discussing medical history and medications with the radiologists.

Post-care after NCCT Right Femur

The radiologist will advise about the post-care after NCCT Right Femur

  • Consuming lots of liquids to cool the empty stomach.
  • Reporting allergies and fatigue to the doctor. The allergies are treatable.

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