NCCT Mastoid Coronal

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Overview Brief

With the help of NCCT Mastoid Coronal, detailed images of the temporal bone and its associates can be derived for evaluating infections like mastoiditis and other conditions in the area.

What is NCCT Mastoid Coronal?

NCCT Mastoid Coronal is the diagnostic test performed on the patients to detect infections and other conditions that can occur on the coronal section of the right temporal bone present in the middle ear. NCCT Mastoid Coronal produces high-resolution images of the soft tissues, temporal bone and blood vessels in the middle ear.

How is NCCT Mastoid Coronal performed?

The procedure of NCCT Mastoid Coronal does not involve any injections or painful tests.

  • The patient changes to hospital gown and lie down on the scan table.
  • The table will enter into a circular-shaped, scanning machine, where multiple x-rays will pass through the patient’s body.
  • When the x-rays pass during the procedure, the patient might be asked to hold his/her breathes sometimes.
  • The patient can speak to the Radiologist, through the headphones.

The procedure of NCCT Mastoid Coronal will take around 15 to 30 minutes.

Side effects of NCCT Mastoid Coronal

The few side effects of NCCT Mastoid Coronal that some of the patients might experience are

  • Discomfort.
  • Claustrophobic sensation.
  • Heart palpitation.

Preparation before performing NCCT Mastoid Coronal

NCCT Mastoid Coronal does not require pre-preparation, except

  • Inform the doctor if you are pregnant or have such chances, as radiations can be harmful for the fetus.
  • Remove metal objects from your body before the procedure.
  • share medical history with the doctor.
  • Follow instructions of the doctor about medications and diet, before NCCT Mastoid Coronal.

Post-care after NCCT Mastoid Coronal

The post-care after NCCT Mastoid Coronal is not much.

  • The patient can resume regular schedule.
  • Call your doctor immediately, to report any side-effects.

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