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The NCCT method is non­- contrast computed tomography method of analyzing the mandible.

The NCCT helps a patient and the doctor to identify the possible malfunction of the mandible. It uses the ionizing radiations to develop a picture of the internal organs. The cross-sectional images help in determining the cause of unexplained pain, a source of inflammation, and injuries. This method does not use a contrast dye. It is useful for patients allergic to contrast dyes. It employs to detect the presence of malformation in the mandible that may lead to hemorrhage in certain cases. [1]

NCCT is a non-invasive, simple, and easy method to perform.

  • Make the patient comfortable on the scanning table.
  • A sedative for claustrophobic patients may be given.
  • Keep other body parts covered by a lead covering.
  • The X- rays take pictures from various angles.
  • These pictures may combine in the end to give a three- dimensional picture.

NCCT usually does not consume a lot of time.

Risks associated with NCCT due to the X rays are:

  • The radiologist exposes the patient to a high amount of radiations.
  • The radiations may cause cancer after repeated performances.
  • The radiations may bring harm to the fetus.

Prior preparation includes:

  • Remove any jewelry and accessories from the body.
  • Do not consume food and water a few hours before the scan takes place.
  • Wear a comfortable loose gown for the test.
  • The patient should inform the doctor about any allergies or certain medicine intakes.
  • Women with a developing fetus should not undergo NCCT.

After the test, the patient can return from the hospital on the same day.

  • Follow the instructions provided by the doctor after the test carefully.
  • Take the medicines regularly as told by the doctor.
  • Resume a normal diet and activities.

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