NCCT Lumbar Spine

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This article contains information about the procedure, before care, after care, and side effects of the NCCT of Lumbar Spine.

What is NCCT of Lumbar Spine?

A NCCT scan is a non contrast computed tomography. It does not involve the use of contrast dye during the procedure. It basically is a higher version of an x-ray.

A NCCT of Lumbar Spine is used to take cross sectional images of the lower back and it makes use of x-ray radiations to take the images. It helps to diagnose any problem in the lower spine area of the back.


How is NCCT of Lumbar Spine performed?

The steps involved in the NCCT of Lumbar Spine are as follows:

  • The patient will be made to lie on a table that slides into the scanner.
  • Once the patient is inside the scanner, the x-ray beams are activated.
  • The patient will be asked to hold breath and stay still until the images are captured, any movement may cause blurriness in the images.
  • A computer captures images and stores them.
  • The images can be viewed, and printed on film.

The NCCT of Lumbar Spine will take about 20-30 minutes.

Side effects/risks of NCCT of Lumbar Spine:
The side effects/ Risks of an NCCT of Lumbar Spine scan may include the following:
● Exposure to radiation.
● Itching.
● Fainting.
● Hair loss.
● Skin infection.

Preparation before performing NCCT of Lumbar Spine?

The patient can eat and drink as normal before the NCCT of Lumbar Spine as it does not include the use of contrast. Although the patient is encouraged to drink clear liquids.

The patient must remove their jewellery or any metal object from their body which might interfere with the images of the scan.

Post-care after NCCT of Lumbar Spine:

There are no post care measures as such after the NCCT of Lumbar Spine and the patient may continue their day to day activities.

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