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NCCT left forearm is a digital scanning method which uses a compilation of a series of X-Ray shots taken of the left forearm from various directions over the same rotational axis to create a series of images of the left forearm region.

What is NCCT left forearm?

NCCT left forearm is an X-Ray imaging process used by the doctors to observe the abnormalities in the left forearm. The digital scan that NCCT left forearm provides is much clearer than a simple X-Ray as it provides a more three-dimensional view of the left forearm, making it convenient for doctors to figure out the problem. NCCT left forearm is usually suggested by orthopedics when an X-Ray doesn’t reveal too much about the damage to the body part.

How is NCCT left forearm performed?

Here is how an NCCT left forearm is performed:

  • The patient lies down on a CT examination table.
  • The table goes through a spiraling scanner that scans the left forearm from every angle.
  • All the images obtained are then processed, and put together simultaneously.
  • A technician operated the table and the scanner from an adjacent room.

An NCCT left forearm usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes to finish.

Side effects/risks of NCCT left forearm

There are some risks that come with having an NCCT left forearm.

  • Higher exposure to radiation than an X-Ray which may cause mutations or cancer.
  • While not untreatable, some patients might suffer from skin reactions like inflammation.

Preparation before performing NCCT left forearm

There are some things the patient should keep in mind before the doctors proceed with NCCT left forearm.

  • The patient should not consume food 3 hours prior to the procedure.
  • The patient should take off all the metal accessories from their body.
  • Loose clothing should be worn by the patient before the start of the scan.

Post-care after NCCT left forearm

No special care is needed after an NCCT left forearm. The doctors will assess the imaging obtained from the scan and discuss further treatment options with the patient. For any queries about the procedure or treatment, you can book an online consultation with the specialists at mfine.

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