NCCT Left Femur

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Overview Brief

NCCT Left Femur is a three-dimensional imaging technique of the left femur by an X-Ray.

What is NCCT Left Femur?

NCCT Left Femur is a diagnostic tool that involves creating a three-dimensional image of the left femur by means of rotating X-rays to capture and identify disorders of any kind.

During the NCCT (Non-Contrast Computed Tomography) process, the left femur is scanned by the CT scanner and captured as multiple cross-sectional images, known as slices, around a single axis of rotation [1]. The images are then converted into a three-dimensional model that can be viewed on the computer to identify disorders like fractures, inflammations, tumors, rheumatoid arthritis, birth defects, and other disorders. NCCT Left Femur is non-invasive and painless, and hence the preferred method of medical imaging for the femur.

How is NCCT Left Femur performed?

NCCT Left Femur is carried out in a designated room containing the CT scanner.

  • The patient changes into a hospital gown and may be given a sedative in case he or she is prone to claustrophobia.
  • The patient lies on the table, which then enters the scanner.
  • Rotating X-rays scan the femur and take multiple images, a process that may take several minutes.
  • The images are converted into 3D form by digital geometry processing [2].

Side effects/risks of NCCT Left Femur

While NCCT Left Femur is a painless and risk-free procedure, potential side effects include

  • Impact on pacemakers and other medical implants due to radiation.
  • Slight risk of cancer from radiation.
  • Potential harm to unborn fetuses.

Preparations before performing NCCT Left Femur

The following preparations will help NCCT Left Femur to happen smoothly.

  • Patients with medical implants must inform the radiologist well in advance.
  • All metallic objects like zips and jewelry must be removed.
  • Women must inform radiologists of possible pregnancy so that radiation levels can be reduced.

Post-care after NCCT Left Femur

NCCT Left Femur does not call for any specific post-care – the radiologist will convey the test results to the patient within a few days.

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