NCCT Left Ankle Joint

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Overview Brief

NCCT Left Ankle Joint is an X-Ray procedure that helps the doctors find any damages in the left ankle.

What is NCCT Left Ankle Joint?

NCCT Left Ankle Joint is a diagnostic procedure in which rotating X-ray beams create a detailed three-dimensional image of the left ankle joint to capture and assess any disorders.

NCCT stands for Non-Contrast Computed Tomography. It is a more sophisticated technique than a simple X-ray as it captures fractures, injuries and other disorders that are often missed on an X-ray. NCCT Left Ankle Joint is used to identify the cause behind unexplained joint pain, inflections, and inflammations of the muscles and ligaments, as well as any suspected structural deformities or illnesses like osteoporosis. No contrast chemical is required in this test.

How is NCCT Left Ankle Joint performed?

NCCT Left Ankle Joint is performed in a designated exam room.

  • The patient is required to lie on an examination table after wearing a hospital gown.
  • The table enters the NCCT machine, which takes multiple scans of the body.
  • The scans generate multiple cross-sectional images (known as slices) of the left ankle joint.
  • The entire procedure may take several minutes.

Side effects/risks of NCCT Left Ankle Joint

While NCCT Left Ankle Joint is a highly safe procedure, possible side effects include

  • Adverse impact on fetuses in pregnant women.
  • Slight risk of illness from radiation exposure.

Preparations before performing NCCT Left Ankle Joint

The following preparations will ensure that NCCT Left Ankle Joint takes place smoothly

  • Jewelry and other metallic objects need to be removed.
  • Radiologists should be informed of pregnancies so that the amount of radiation can be lowered.
  • Patients with medical implants like pacemakers should inform their physician in advance.

Post-care after NCCT Left Ankle Joint

No specific post-care is required after NCCT Left Ankle Joint. The radiologist will share the test results in a few days.

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