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NCCT joint is a CT scan done to detect any abnormalities in the joint tissues and bones.

What is NCCT Joint?

NCCT Joint refers to a Non-contrast Computerized Tomography or CT scan for your joints. It is usually done in the cases of obscure injuries to joints where the injury is not adequately visualized on an X-ray.

It is useful in the cases of Ankle, Hip, Temporomandibular (Jaw) joints, and the Spine. NCCT Joint highlights the bone more than the soft tissues and hence is better suited than X-rays for detecting the bone changes in case of a fracture or malformation, but with an increased amount of radiation when compared to the conventional X-ray.

How is NCCT Joint Performed?
The process is fairly simple and done in the following manner:
● You will be asked to lie down on the CT table after exposing the part whose CT is supposed to be taken. It is instantaneous so even children won’t need to be put to sleep.
● There will be a scanner that will go over the joint a few times in a downward or upward fashion, and multiple images are captured in the time frame.
● All the images are processed from 3 different views :
a. Sagittal : From the midline outwards
b. Anteroposterior : From the front backwards
c. Coronal : From above downwards

Side effect/Risks of NCCT Joint

There are a few risks associated, knowledge of which beforehand is beneficial:

  • It is contraindicated in women who are pregnant.
  • Caution should be taken in those with previous reactions like dermatitis (skin inflammation) due to radiation exposure.
  • Too much exposure to radiation may cause rashes, anemia, diarrhoea, increased chances of infection, pain, infertility, and cancer.

Preparation before performing NCCT Joint

No special preparation is required before an NCCT Joint, just adequate exposure of the joint to be scanned should be done.

  1. Avoid wearing constrictive clothing or bandage. The hospital would provide you with a loose gown for certain scans.
  2. Avoid getting up in the middle of the scan, or moving your body, this may cause blurring of the images or misalignment of the images, causing an error in diagnosis.

Post-Care after NCCT Joint.

No special care is required after an NCCT as it is a relatively safe procedure, without many complications.

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