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NCCT Hip Joint or Non-Contrast CT Scan of the hip of the body is a digital scanning method.

What is NCCT Hip Joint?

NCCT refers to a Non-contrast Computed Tomography or CT scan for your Hip joint. It is a procedure done to visualize the bones of the hips and the pelvis, the pelvic bones and the femur of either side up to a certain length of the thigh. It is usually done to identify obscure fractures, to confirm diagnosis such as osteoporosis, and to rule out bone injuries in favor of soft tissue injuries.

How is NCCT Hip Joint Performed?

NCCT Hip Joint scan is an easy medical procedure and is quickly performed in the following manner:

  • You will be asked to lie down on the CT table wearing a hospital gown that allows better exposure of your pelvis where the CT is supposed to be taken.
  • There will be a spiraling scanner that will go over the hips and pelvis up to the knees.
  • All the images are processed and put in series, in 3 different views created using cross-sectional imaging.
  • The NCCT Hip Joint scan is then available to for viewing on your PC.

Side effect/Risks of NCCT Hip Joint

NCCT Hip Joint is a fairly simple and fast procedure, with not many side effects.

  • Greater exposure to radiation compared to an X-ray.
  • It is not advised in patients who are pregnant or expecting.
  • There may be a skin inflammation or other reactions to certain persons, however the same is not common or untreatable.

Preparation before performing NCCT Hip Joint

No prior special precaution is required before an NCCT of Hip Joint, just adequate exposure of the joint to be scanned should be done.

  • It is advisable that loose clothing is worn around the area.
  • In case the area is plastered the orthopedic will give further instructions
  • The movement should be restricted as much as possible as this may cause blurring of the images or misalignment of the images, causing an error in diagnosis.

Care after NCCT Hip Joint.

No special care is required after an NCCT as it is a relatively safe procedure, without any complications.

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