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Non-contrast computerized tomography (NCCT) is a radiological procedure wherein images are taken to visualize details of the soft tissues, blood vessels, bones, and internal organs of the body without the use of a contrast dye. NCCT hand refers to such images taken of the hand.

What is NCCT fore arm?

The hand consists of delicate and important muscle groups, bones, nerves, and arteries that are easily susceptible to injuries. NCCT hand helps in identifying abnormalities in this region. These include:
● Swelling.
● Tumor.
● Trauma.
● Suspected fracture of small bones of the hand.
NCCT provides finer details of the bones and surrounding soft tissues than a plain X-ray. NCCT hand is done when an X-ray of the hand is not conclusive enough to guide treatment.

How is NCCT hand performed?

NCCT hand is done using a CT machine. NCCT hand is a non-invasive procedure that involves the following steps:

  • You will be made to lie on the table that enters into the CT machine
  • You will be guided by the radiology technician to place your arm firmly on the table
  • You will be asked to keep still and hold your breath while the technician focuses the beam on to the hand
  • You will hear the technician through speakers
  • The machine will then begin taking images that will be visible to the radiologist on his computer in an adjacent room

NCCT hand should take about 15 minutes to complete.[1]

Side effects/risks of NCCT hand

Generally, there are no side-effects or risks involved with the NCCT hand procedure. However, you may experience the following:
● Claustrophobia.
● Sweating.
● Palpitations.
Pain may be present in maintaining a still position if there is any recent injury.

Preparation before performing NCCT hand

NCCT hand  requires the patient to follow these steps before the procedure:

  • Use of hospital gown.
  • Removal of all personal effects including jewelry.
  • Sign an informed consent form.

Post-care after NCCT hand

NCCT requires no special after care advice.

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