NCCT Dorsolumbar Spine

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Overview Brief

There is a significant growth in technology to detect and diagnose various malfunctioning in the human body. One such technology measure is the NCCT Scan. This scan falls under radiologic technology, just like MRI, X-Ray does.

What is an NCCT Dorsolumbar Spine?

NCCT expands to Non-Contrast Computerised Tomography. NCCT is an advanced version of the technology of X-Rays. The image produced by the NCCT Scan is more detailed and holistic. NCCT is a variant of the CT Scan with no use of a contrast dye.

lumbar region of the vertebral column,

NCCT Spine shows the three dimensional image of the lumbar region of the vertebral column. The image can be used to diagnose a disorder of the spinal column.

How is NCCT performed?

The procedure of an NCCT clavicle is not a complex procedure. The machinery used for the scan is fully automated. The patient might have to change in a gown provided by the hospital. In cases where in the patient is unable to stay still, he/she might be tied with a strap to hold the body still.

  • The X-Ray Tubes rotate around the concerned areas of the body
  • The equipment is controlled by a radiographer from a different room
  • One NCCT scan usually takes around 20 – 30 minutes.

Since this is a Non-Contrast CT scan, no dye is injected.

Side effects/risks of NCCT

There are no significant side-effects. There are a few guidelines to be followed –

  • Inform your doctor regarding any metallic or electronic devices present in the body.
  • Inform the doctor if you are pregnant.
  • The NCCT scan uses radiation. Exposure to more radiation than the standard level might cause some side-effects.

Preparation before NCCT scan

There is no specific preparation. Change into the clothes provided by the hospital. Remove all your accessories and external electronic devices.


Post-care after NCCT scan

After the NCCT Scan is completed, the patient is ready to go and resume the regular activities. Since there was no injection of a contrast-dye, there are no chances of many allergy issues.

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