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Arm being an indispensable limb requires immediate attention in case of an injury or discomfort. NCCT comes into picture to speed up your diagnosing process.

What is NCCT?

Non-Contrast Computed Tomography (NCCT) is a radiological scan used by medicine practitioners worldwide for diagnosing problems related to bones, tissues, muscles, and organs.

It produces series of cross-sectional imaging through computer-aided array of rotating x-ray penetrations. NCCT is similar to a conventional X-ray scan, but the former generates a much more detailed image. Probable reasons for studying NCCT of arm are,

  • Bone Fracture
  • Infection
  • Tumour
  • Tissue/Muscle Injury

Unlike an X-ray scan, NCCT is capable of 3D image reconstruction, giving a better visual understanding.

How NCCT Works?

In NCCT scan of arm, contrast dye is not used, which otherwise enhances the imaging. The scan is conducted by,

  • You changing into a hospital gown with all metal accessories removed.
  • Lying down on the CT scanner table, you will have to hold still through the process.
  • Sliding of table in the CT scanner tunnel, where a rotating cylinder will capture a series of cross sectional images of arm using x-ray beams.
  • During the process, technician will communicate through an intercom.

Depending on the complication of injury, NCCT can take as long as an hour in some cases.

Risk Involved in NCCT

If NCCT is taken once, then radiations involved pose no harm. It is inadvisable to take several scans as it may increase the risk of cancer. For children and pregnant women, it is preferred to take a non-radiating scan like MRI or Ultrasound if the case permits.

NCCT Prior Measures

In case you have taken NCCT scan previously, confide with your doctor. So that protective measures can be taken to prevent further ionising. If necessary your doctor might suggest another scan.

Post Care in NCCT

Being a non-contrast radiological exam, NCCT wouldn’t lead to any reaction and thus no post care is needed.

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