Myoglobin, Urine

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Overview Brief

The Myoglobin, Urine test determines the presence of myoglobin in one’s urine.


What is Myoglobin, Urine?

The Myoglobin, Urine test finds out if the protein myoglobin is present in someone’s urine to diagnose further if their muscle tissue has been injured.

Myoglobin can be found in one’s bloodstream in case of a muscle injury or a heart attack. The levels of myoglobin in blood rise and thus, a Myoglobin, a Urine test is suggested.

The Myoglobin, Urine test is recommended when the myoglobin in the bloodstream interferes with the kidney function and can be a plausible cause for kidney failure.

Why is Myoglobin, Urine suggested?

The Myoglobin, Urine is suggested is the patient shows the following symptoms:

  • Belly pain
  • Severe muscle pain
  • Dark brown or reddish urine
  • Nausea and fever [1]

How is Myoglobin, Urine performed?

The Myoglobin, Urine test is performed in the following way:

  • The patient is asked to clean their genital area.
  • The patient is then asked to collect their urine in a container, which is tested.

The Myoglobin, Urine test takes less than 20 minutes to complete.

What are the parameters measured in Myoglobin, Urine?

Ideally, in the Myoglobin, Urine test, no myoglobin should be present in one’s urine. The presence of the protein can hint towards a muscle injury or kidney issues. [2]

Preparation for Myoglobin, Urine

There’s no special preparation required for the Myoglobin, Urine test but one must inform the pathologist about their medical history and if they’re taking any medication currently.

Post-care after Myoglobin, Urine

One can continue their normal activities after their Myoglobin, a Urine test is done. [3]

Sample types in Myoglobin, Urine

A urine sample of the patient is required in the Myoglobin, Urine test

Side effects/risks of Myoglobin, Urine

The are no risks involved with the Myoglobin, Urine test.

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