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Overview Brief

The Myoglobin, Serum test helps in gauging the presence and the levels of myoglobin in one’s blood.

What is Myoglobin, Serum?

The Myoglobin, Serum test finds out the levels of myoglobin in one’s blood, a protein found in one’s heart and skeletal muscle tissues.

Myoglobin can be found in someone’s bloodstream if they have gone through some muscle injury, or in case of muscle trauma, shock, AMI, etc. A Myoglobin, Serum test is then suggested.

The Myoglobin, Serum test is also suggested to diagnose a heart attack if the symptoms aren’t clear enough.

Why is Myoglobin, Serum suggested?

The Myoglobin, Serum is suggested for the following reasons:

  • To rule out a heart attack.
  • To detect any muscle damage.
  • To detect an early myocardial injury.
  • To diagnose a myopathy. [1]

How is Myoglobin, Serum performed?

The Myoglobin, Serum test is performed in the following way:

  • Blood is drawn from the patient’s elbow or the back of their hand.
  • It is put into a test tube and sent for further testing.

The Myoglobin, Serum test is performed every two to three hours for about 12 hours after the admission of the patient.

What are the parameters measured in Myoglobin, Serum?

The value of myoglobin in the Myoglobin, Serum test should lie between 0-85 ng/mL. The elevated levels may indicate a muscle injury. [2]

Preparation for Myoglobin, Serum

The Myoglobin, Serum test is usually suggested in an, and thus, no special preparation is required for it.

Post-care after Myoglobin, Serum

After a Myoglobin, Serum test, the patient is further monitored, and their vital signs are checked regularly. [3]

Sample types in Myoglobin, Serum

One’s blood is drawn from their arm for the Myoglobin, Serum test.

Side effects/risks of Myoglobin, Serum

The risks involved with the Myoglobin, Serum test are:

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Hematoma
  • Infection
  • Light-headedness

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