MRI Triple Phase Abdomen

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Overview Brief

MRI is an imaging technique that has many advantages over other traditional imaging techniques like CT scans. MRI triple phase abdomen is a type of MRI.

What is MRI triple phase of abdomen?

MRI triple phase abdomen is performed when the other imaging techniques are indeterminate[1].

  • Initially, an MRI triple phase of abdomen was being used for liver disorders.
  • It is now being used for other abdominal and retroperitoneal organs.
  • It is very useful for staging and restaging of oncology patients.
  • There are specific MRIs done for a multiphase scan of the liver alone.
  • The scan is done in three phases: Arterial, Venous and Equilibrium, similar to triple phase liver MRI.

How is MRI triple phase abdomen performed?

When you arrive for your MRI triple phase abdomen, you will be asked to change into a gown and lie on the MRI scan table.

  • If a contrast dye is needed, it will be injected.
  • You will be given earplugs to cut out the noise of the machine during the scan.
  • The scan table will be placed under the scanner with coils placed around your abdomen for better image quality.
  • You will be asked to hold your breath at certain times during the three phases.

The MRI triple phase abdomen takes about 45mins to complete[2].

Side effects/risks of MRI triple phase abdomen

There is no significant side effects or risks involved with an MRI triple phase abdomen. Others include:

  • Allergy to the dye.
  • Headache and dizziness due to the dye injection.

Preparation before performing MRI triple phase abdomen

For an MRI triple phase abdomen, the patient preparation involves:

  • No eating food or drinking fluids 4 hours prior to the scan.
  • The patient is asked to void before the examination.
  • There are no oral dyes given.
  • If there is a contrast dye needed, gadolinium is injected.

Post-care after MRI triple phase abdomen

There are not many post-care measures after an MRI triple phase abdomen. Few include:

  • Drinking lots of fluids.
  • Recovery from sedation(if needed).

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