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Overview Brief

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique uses a powerful magnetic field and radio waves to construct highly detailed internal body structure images.

What is MRI Soft Tissue?

MRI is mainly used for looking at soft tissues and the nervous system [1]. These include organs, muscles, tendons and blood vessels in many parts of the body. Areas of the brain, spine, chest, pelvis, knees, and shoulders can be examined. During an MRI, the hydrogen atoms in the body orient in a state so that the magnetic field can create more detailed signals that the scan produces [2].

How is MRI Soft Tissue performed?

An MRI machine could be a large tube, short bore or an open system.

  • You will lie on a padded scanning table that slides into the MRI machine.
  • The test creates a strong magnetic field along with thumping and tapping sounds as it takes images.
  • You will be required to remain perfectly still [3].
  • The duration of the test could be 30 – 60 minutes.

Side effects and risks of MRI Soft Tissue

MRI Soft Tissue is entirely painless. If you feel any numbness, sweating, difficulty in breathing or heart palpitations you should notify the doctor.

Preparation before performing MRI Soft Tissue

If you have implants or insulin or chemotherapy pumps, then you should consult your doctor about having an MRI scan done. Also, if you are pregnant, MRI testing during the first trimester is discouraged [4].

Preparative measures include:

  • You will have to remove all jewellery or metal accessories.
  • You will have to wear a patient’s gown.
  • If you have claustrophobia, you may need to take anti-anxiety medication.

Post-care after MRI Soft Tissue

After an MRI scan, you should get up slowly from the table. You can resume your regular activity after MRI soft tissue unless you experience side effects.

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