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Overview Brief

The MRI SI Joint checks for any inflammation in the soft tissues of your SI joints to diagnose Sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

What is MRI SI Joint?

The MRI SI Joint is recommended to people who’ve suffered from severe back pain for a very long time. About 15-30% of these people have an SI joint dysfunction. An MRI SI Joint can give a detailed view of the soft tissues around the joints apart from the organs themselves by using magnets. They help in ruling out other problems related to the lower back pain. Conditions like infections in bones or joints, psoriasis, neoplasm of joints, etc. can indicate the dysfunction. If the physical tests don’t determine anything, the doctor asks the patient to undergo an MRI SI Joint. [1]

How is MRI SI Joint performed?

The MRI SI Joint test is performed in the following way:

  • The patient lies down in a supine position on the table.
  • The spine coil and body coil are placed over their pelvis, after which images are taken.
  • The patient’s body is secured with straps so that there’s no movement.

The procedure scans the anterior superior iliac spine of the patient. [2]

Side effects/risks of MRI SI Joint

The risks involved with MRI SI Joint are as follows:

  • The magnets in the machine can move any metal implants in the body.
  • Claustrophobic patients may have issues with the procedure.

Preparation before performing MRI SI Joint

To prepare for an MRI SI Joint, the following steps must be taken:

  • Don’t consume any food or liquid for at least four to six hours before the test.
  • Inform the radiologist about your medical history and if you’re claustrophobic. [3]

Post-care after MRI SI Joint

The patient can resume their daily activities after the MRI SI Joint procedure.

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