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MRI Screening is an exam to learn about any contradictions or anomalies or diseases in the said body part.

What is MRI Screening?

MRI Screening uses strong magnets to present pictures of tumors, aneurysms, fractures or even swelling of the ligaments and nearby tendons.

  • MRI Screening process hosts a lot of guidelines for the patient as well as the technician conducting it.
  • The process is performed on the MRI personnel as well to ensure that there are no contradictions and for their own safety.

MRI radiologists id supposed to be in charge of following the entire process accurately.

How is MRI Screening performed?

MRI Screening is in the following step-by-step format:

  • A loose hospital gown is to be worn at all times before entering the MRI room.
  • He should let the technician know about any implants like the cardiac or diaphragmatic pacemakers or the auto-defibrillators before the test.
  • He is then made to slide into the MRI unit for imaging.
  • After the images are taken, the technician takes a look for any corrections needed.

If all is good, the patient can leave the room, else more pictures are taken.

Side effects/risks of MRI Screening

There are no side effects or risks of MRI Screening. The magnetic field used does not cause any harm to the human body.

Preparation before performing MRI Screening

MRI Screening requires the following preparation:

  • Do not bring or wear any metal jewelry or expensive items which should not be left outside the room.
  • Bring along the medications the patient is currently on.

Post-care after MRI Screening

MRI Screening post care includes:

  • Let the technician know if you are claustrophobic. Anti-anxiety medications may be given.

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