MRI Screening Temporal Bone

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Overview Brief

MRI Screening Temporal Bone is an imaging test done when the patient suffers from loss of hearing, stress related trauma, vertigo, and other facial dysfunctions.

What is MRI Screening Temporal Bone?

The MRI Screening Temporal Bone can detect the cause of the patient’s suffering.

MRI Screening Temporal Bone gives a clear picture in case any damage has happened and helps provide an accurate diagnosis and the necessary precautions that can be taken.

MRI Screening Temporal bone with its superior contrast resolution and imaging capabilities will detect any damage or disease in the Temporal Bone.

How is MRI Screening Temporal Bone performed?

MRI Screening Temporal Bone is performed by a technologist or radiologist who studies the images captured.

  • The patient has to lie in a supine position (back down).
  • The head and neck need to rest with straps, to keep the head firm.
  • Mild sedatives could be given if advised by the doctor.

The entire MRI Screening Temporal Bone will take around 10 to 30 minutes.

Side effects and Risks of MRI Screening Temporal Bone

MRI Screening Temporal Bone does not have any side effects but on rare occasions the following may be observed:-

  • Visual Nausea, headaches and itchy eyes.
  • There might be a slight risk of allergic reaction, but this can be controlled by medication.

Preparation before performing MRI Screening of Temporal Bone

Before an MRI Screening Temporal Bone make sure that you consult your doctor.

Do not eat, drink or smoke 2 hours before an MRI Screening Temporal Bone scan. Also arrive at the centre, at least 1 hour before the test.

Post-care after MRI Screening Temporal Bone

After an MRI Screening Temporal Bone, it is recommended to move slowly.

  • Rest is recommended after MRI Screening Temporal Bone, especially if sedatives have been administered.
  • Consulting your Doctor after an MRI Screening Temporal Bone is highly recommended.

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