MRI Screening Left Leg

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MRI Screening Left Leg refers to the technique which is used to diagnose problems in and related to the left leg.

What is MRI Screening Left Leg?

MRI Screening Left Leg is done to detect any ailment, degenerative disorder or any other syndrome affecting the Left Leg.

  • It used the strong magnetic field to scan the images of the left leg.
  • MRI images are basically slices which create pictures of the left leg from different angles.
  • This helps in deciding the course of action for surgery.

MRI Screening Left Leg includes the knee, the foot, and all the surrounding tissues.

How is MRI Screening Left Leg performed?

MRI Screening Left Leg is performed as follows:

  • The patient will be alone in the MRI room, with the technician and other people leaving the room.
  • He will be constantly observed and be communicated with the process happening from outside the room.
  • He will then be slid into the MRI unit.
  • The leg may be strapped to avoid blurry images.
  • Some screenings may require a dye which would be administered through IV in the arm.

After sufficient clear pictures, the patient is allowed to go home.

Side effects/risks of MRI Screening Left Leg

Side effects of MRI Screening Left Leg are:

  • The patient may experience a metal-like taste due to the dye.
  • Any metal object like a watch or a ring may spoil the images.

Preparation before performing MRI Screening Left Leg

Preparation for MRI Screening Left Leg is as follows:

  • Avoiding wearing any metal accessories during the procedure at all costs.
  • Intake of only permitted medications.

Post-care after MRI Screening Left Leg

MRI Screening Left Leg. post care involves:

  • Check for persisting anxiety or claustrophobia after the test.
  • If sedatives are given, then the patient should have someone from the family or a friend to be present with them after the test.

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