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MRI Right Wrist Joint uses magnetic waves to detect various problems in the right wrist such as arthritis, injuries, arthropathies, and many more.

What is MRI Right Wrist Joint?

MRI Right Wrist Joint is a process which helps diagnose the problems with the wrist joint.

  • Any anomalies with the right wrist can be determined.
  • Patients can also be referred for the MRI when a constant complain of wrist pain is reported.
  • Ganglia and avascular necrosis are other anomalies which can be gathered by MRI of the wrist joint.

MRI Right Wrist Joint, using powerful magnetic waves aided by a computer, demonstrate a series of images which help decide the way forward for the doctors.

How is MRI Right Wrist Joint performed?

MRI Right Wrist joint is performed as follows:

  • The patient is made to lie down and relax on the hospital table.
  • The table is moveable and can be moved into the MRI unit once the patient is strapped on the table.
  • The strapping is done to let the patient remain still which allows the scanner to get accurate pictures of the wrist joint
  • The Scanner then takes multiple pictures for the doctors to refer to.

The entire process can take up to 20 to 45 minutes.

Side effects/risks of MRI Right Wrist Joint

Side effects for MRI Right Wrist joint are:

  • The patient may feel claustrophobic in the MRI unit.
  • The radiation from the scanner may cause cancer.

Preparation before performing MRI Right Wrist Joint

Preparation for MRI Right Wrist joint requires:

  • Wearing loose comfortable clothes and be present for the test without any jewelry as it can disrupt the test.

Post-care after MRI Right Wrist Joint

Post care for MRI Right Wrist joint does not need much care, though the patient can keep a track of his/her previous medical conditions.

The mfine team believes and hopes to make the process of MRI Right Wrist joint convenient for its patients.

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