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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a diagnostic procedure that provides details of almost any part of your body by using magnetic fields. MRI right temperomandibular (TM) joint means the soft tissues and articular bones of the right TM joint are being evaluated by MRI.

What is MRI TM joint?

The TM joint connects the skull with the jaw bone. One such TM  joint is present on either side of the jaw. MRI of the right TM joint is indicated in the following conditions:

  • Difficulty in closing or opening the mouth.
  • Pain near the right ear especially while eating or chewing.
  • Pain below the right ear, without any evidence of infection.
  • Right-sided toothache and right jaw pain.
  • Right-sided headache starting from the jaw.
  • Right jaw pain even while speaking.

How is MRI right TM joint performed?

The following positioning is undertaken for MRI right TM joint:

  • You will lie on your back on the table attached to the MRI machine.
  • The head end of your body will be placed first.
  • Head is placed in the head coil.
  • A still position is maintained with the help of cushions.
  • Multiple images are taken and visualized by the radiologist on his computer screen in another room.

If open mouth MRI scanning is required a bite block will be given to you and imaging is continued.

Side effects/risks of MRI right TM joint

MRI is a very safe and painless procedure. General precautions are taken before the procedure.

Preparation before performing MRI right TM joint

Pre-procedure precautions for MRI right thumb include:

  • Removal of all metallic objects, including hearing aids.
  • Pacemakers or any metallic foreign implants in the body cannot undergo the procedure.
  • Not recommended during pregnancy.
  • Children may require a sedative.
  • Signed consent for the procedure.

Post-care after MRI right TM joint

MRI right TM joint is an outpatient procedure. No aftercare is generally needed.

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