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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a diagnostic procedure that provides details of almost any part of your body by using magnetic fields. MRI right thumb means the tissues and bones of the right thumb are being examined by MRI.

What is MRI right thumb?

MRI right thumb is done in the following situations:
● Fractures, stress fractures.
● Bony or marrow abnormalities.
● Ligament and tendon injuries.
● Compartment syndromes.
● Nerve injury.
● Ganglion cyst.
● Infections.
● Osteoarthritis.
● Synovial disorders.

How is MRI right thumb performed?

The following positioning is undertaken for MRI right thumb:

  • You will lie on your abdomen with your right hand stretched.
  • The right hand is kept inside the flex coils and covered.
  • A still position is maintained with the help of cushions.
  • The laser beam is then centered towards the right thumb.
  • Multiple images are taken and visualized by the radiologist on his computer screen in another room.

The machine can make some noise during the procedure. You can request for earplugs if the noise bothers you.

Side effects/risks of MRI right thumb

MRI is a very safe and painless procedure. General precautions are taken before the procedure.

Preparation before performing MRI right thumb

Pre-procedure precautions for MRI right thumb include:

  • Removal of all metallic objects, including hearing aids.
  • Pacemakers or any metallic foreign implants in the body cannot undergo the procedure.
  • Not recommended during pregnancy.
  • Children may require a sedative.
  • Signed consent for the procedure.

Post-care after MRI right thumb

MRI right thumb is an outpatient procedure. No aftercare is generally needed.

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