MRI Right Thigh With Contrast

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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) right thigh with contrast means the tissues and bones of the right thigh are being examined with the help of an injected contrast dye.

What is MRI right thigh with contrast?

An MRI right thigh with contrast is done to identify the cause of right thigh pain. They may be due to the following:
● Fractures.
● Ligament tears.
● Inflammation of any of the muscles of the right thigh.
● Tendon injuries.
● Bone marrow disorders.
● Tumors involving bone or soft tissues.
● Developmental disorder in the right thigh.
● Abscess/infections.
● Osteomyelitis.

How is MRI right thigh with contrast performed?

MRI uses strong magnetic fields to produce images of the part of the body that necessitates this particular test. For an MRI right thigh, the following steps are taken:

  • You lie on your back on the movable table attached to the machine.
  • Feet are placed to enter the machine first.
  • Body coils are wrapped around the thigh region for the MRI beam.
  • You must be still until asked to relax.

The radiologist will indicate when the contrast dye will be injected and images are taken.

Side effects/risks of MRI right thigh with contrast

MRI is considered a very safe procedure. MRI with contrast utilizes gadolinium-based contrast dyes. The following mild side-effects may occur:
● Nausea and or vomiting.
● Dizziness.
● Headache.
● Skin rash.

Preparation before performing MRI right thigh with contrast

Pre-procedure MRI right thigh with contrast includes:

  • Insertion of an intravenous catheter for the contrast dye.
  • Metallic objects including hearing aids must be removed.
  • Pacemakers or any metallic foreign implants in the body are contraindicated.
  • Not recommended during pregnancy.
  • Known allergies and a list of current medications must be informed.
  • Known kidney disease must be informed or a routine blood test to check may be ordered.
  • Signed consent for the procedure.

Post-care after MRI right thigh with contrast

MRI right thigh with contrast is an outpatient procedure. No aftercare is generally needed. In case a sedative was given, take rest for 24 hours.

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