MRI Right Shoulder Joint

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Not sure what is causing that discomfort in your right shoulder joint? Well, all you to do is an MRI of Right Shoulder Joint that would exactly reveal the underlying problem.

What is MRI of Right shoulder joint?

MRI right shoulder joint use strong magnetic field and radio frequency together to produce detailed pictures within the shoulder joint that facilitates in diagnosis of following situations:

  • Rotor cuff disorder
  • Injuries to bicep tendons
  • Rotor cuff tears
  • Joint abnormalities.
  • Tumours or infections
  • Post surgical effects(1)

How is MRI Right Shoulder joint performed?

MRI unit consists of a large cylindrical shaped tube, surrounded by circular magnet. An examination table slides into centre of magnet. test is performed as follows:

  • Patient is positioned on a movable examination table.
  • Coils around right shoulder to improve quality of scanned images.
  • As images are being processed, technologist might ask to hold your breath for a few seconds.
  • entire exam usually takes 45-60 minutes.
  • For infants and small children, sedation becomes necessary before the procedure is conducted.(1)(2)

Side effects/risks of MRI Right Shoulder Joint

Since MRI does not involve radiations, it rarely possess any side effects to an average person. At times, certain conditions do face some risks, and they can be due to:

  • Risk of an allergic reaction, itchy eyes or other reaction if a contrast is injected.
  • A very irregular heartbeat may affect the quality of images obtained. (1)(2)

Preparation before performing MRI Right Shoulder Joint

Before a shoulder joint MRI, the following steps must be followed:

  • All metallic accessories must be removed before the procedure.
  • Changing into robes so as the test requires exposure of bare joint.

Post care after MRI Right Shoulder Joint

MRI doesn’t require any particular post care measures. No recovery time required unless sedation is given. 

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