MRI Right Lower Limb With Contrast

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MRI right lower limb contrast is an MRI scan of the right lower limb area to detect the damages in the tissues and the bones.

What is MRI Right Lower Limb Contrast?
MRI on Right Lower Limb contrast is performed to diagnose:
● Degenerative joint disorders such as arthritis.
● Infections such as osteomyelitis. (3)
● Fractures.
● Joint abnormalities.
● Tumours involving bones and joints
● Pain, swelling or bleeding
Contrast material is a type of dye used to get higher quality of images, enabling detailed examination of intricate parts. contrast material is injected into bloodstream via intravenous(2)

How is MRI Right Lower Limb contrast performed?

For procedures that involve contrast, patient is advised to come early.(1)

The procedures followed during examination are:

  • Patient is asked to lie still on table, feet first with arms at sides.
  • Coils are then placed around right lower limb.
  • During the process, one hears intermittent noises. Earplugs or headphones are usually provided to help you mask the noise.
  • radiologist and technologist perform procedure on a computer, which lasts upto 45 min.

Side effects/risks of MRI Right Lower Limb Contrast

MRI scans do not impose any side effects in general. But due to certain conditions, patients might experience following side effects and risks:

  • Nausea, headache etc. due to contrast.
  • Heating up of area of body being examined.

Preparation before performing MRI Right Lower Limb Contrast

  • Avoid metal objects inside examination room.
  • Children usually require sedation prior to an MRI so that they can be motionless during procedure.
  • Patient is asked to wear gown so as to give exposure to body part being examined.

Post care after MRI Right Lower Limb contrast

Once procedure is completed, patient can resume to normal routine, unless advised otherwise.

  • In case of persisting problems consult physician.


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